April 2018: #Metoo and the Prison Industrial Complex

#Metoo and the Prison Industrial Complex
Led by Black and Pink – Milwaukee Chapter
4.8.18 / 7pm / 21+ / Free

Black and Pink

Sex Ed for Adults is exited to have Black and Pink – Milwaukee leading the April workshop. Black and Pink will explore the roll that sexual violence plays in upholding the prison industrial complex, the ways that sexual violence impacts LGBTQ people who are currently incarcerated and how to support our inside community with their healing.

Black and Pink Milwaukee is a local chapter of the National Organization Black and Pink which is dedicated to supporting currently and formerly LGBTQ and/or HIV + incarcerated folks with the long term goal of abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex.



March: The Hidden History of LGBT Milwaukee

The Hidden History of LGBT Milwaukee!
Led by Michail Takach
Sunday, March 11th at 7pm
21+ / Free event (books for sale)


Sex Ed for Adults is kickin’ off the Riverwest Public House Cooperative Anniversary week with a bang! Join us for the Hidden History of LGBT Milwaukee!

Milwaukee has a long, rich history of LGBT spaces and culture. Many of the earliest LGBT landmarks have been erased from the landscape, and surviving historical spaces remain hidden, unless you know exactly where to look.

By the time of the 1969 Stonewall riots, Milwaukee was already home to 33 known gay bars. These early gathering places fostered a sense of community, nurtured unique gay and lesbian identity, and ignited the spirit and culture of local LGBTQ pride.

Michail Takach, author of LGBT Milwaukee, webmaster of the Wisconsin LGBT History Project and Communications Director for Milwaukee Pride, Inc., seeks to make queer heritage accessible, visible, and portable for future generations.

Join us the second Sunday of every month to hang out and learn about sexuality, gender, biology, and sex culture. Events are always free and open to anyone over 21 years old. Got an idea for a topic? Know a rad presenter? Contact us!


Attn: Unicorns, unicorn-seekers, &/or everyone in between-


Join Sex Ed for Adults for a one-night screening of the webseries Unicornland! Sure, you could watch at home but watching it with friends is so much more fun! Each episode is only about 5 minutes so be on time.

Thursday, June 22nd / 8pm sharp / Free

About Unicornland:
“Unicornland is an 8-episode webseries about Annie, who explores her sexuality post-divorce by dating couples.

…Over drinks, at dinner, and in bed.

Each episode features a date with a new couple, from Williamsburg hipsters, to Wall Street power duos, to Bushwick burners, as Annie becomes not just sexually active, but activated.

Unicornland was created/produced by Lucy Gillespie, directed by Nick Leavens, and shot by a 70% female cast and crew.

Unicornland celebrates the ethnic and social diversity of New York City, with a cast that’s 60% non-white, including trans, genderqueer and disabled actors.

Unicornland contains themes of polyamory and open relationships, and was made with the full support of the New York sex positive community. In the final episode, Annie attends her first inclusive sex party at the Hacienda Villa, a renowned epicenter of the New York scene.”

Sex Ed for Adults will be returning for our regular second Sunday of the month schedule in July. Keep an eye out for details!

‘Why We Do What We Do’ at Riverwest FemFest!


Sunday, January 22nd
Riverwest Public House Cooperative (815 E. Locust St)
7pm / 21+ / Free

A panel discussion with several bad a** folks talking about what it means to organize sexual education and reproductive rights community events in Milwaukee. Why do these topics matter? What do they have planned next? And what is missing from the conversation?

More info on other Riverwest FemFest 2017 workshops: http://www.rwfemfest.com/workshop-schedule



Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or “PrEP” is an HIV prevention tool that can reduce HIV infection risk by 99% if used properly. In this session you can find out what PrEP is, how its used and who might benefit from using it. We will also give resources and information on how to access it and pay for it. Presented by “LetsPrEPWI” which is a social media campaign specifically made for Wisconsinites to get info and referrals for PrEP. We will talk about myths and stigma associated with PrEP and how to talk with other community members about the benefits of new HIV prevention options.

Presenter: Ruthie Burich-Weatherly of LetsPrEPWI has worked in HIV Prevention for more than 10 years in both private and public programs and is currently a PrEP Educator as a private contractor with Riverside Consulting LLC.

December 11th at 7pm
Free / 7pm / 21+